Can I edit the information that appears on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes. You control what information appears on your LinkedIn profile. You can add, edit, or remove information from multiple sections of your profile. Learn more about editing your profile.

Can I control whether my LinkedIn profile information will appear in searches from other services like Google and Bing?

Yes, you can decide if you want your profile to appear when someone searches for you on services like Google and Bing. You can even customize what information appears on services like Google and Bing or choose to make your profile visible only on LinkedIn. Learn more about customizing the visibility of your public profile.

Who will see that I have updated my LinkedIn profile?

Your profile edits will be shared with your network unless you chose to turn notifications off. Manage this in your settings.

How do I know who’s viewed my profile?

The Who's Viewed Your Profile feature, found here, provides you with information about who has recently looked at your profile. It can also provide trends and insights, including increases in profile views and where your viewers work.


Note that you may not see this feature if you haven't had any profile views in the past 90 days. When possible, we try to display a minimum of five views over any timeframe. Find out how Who’s Viewed Your Profile works.

Is there a way to look at someone’s profile without them knowing it was me?

Yes. You can adjust what others see about you when you look at their profile. Go to your settings and review Profile Viewing Options, and choose how much information you want to share when you look at other people’s profiles.


Note that when you turn on Private Mode in this setting, you’re prevented from seeing who’s viewed your profile unless you have a Premium Subscription.


Learn more about browsing profiles in Private Mode or Semi-Private Mode.

What can I do so that my activity on LinkedIn won’t alert my employer that I’m looking for a job?

Your job search activity on LinkedIn isn’t shared with others. We don’t send updates or notifications to your connections or employer when you view or apply for a job through LinkedIn. Go to your settings to control how others see your LinkedIn activity by limiting notifications when you add connections or edit your profile.

Do I need to share information to increase my chances of being found by a recruiter for a job?

Yes, and here are some things you can do:

  • Ensure your profile is up to date.

  • Include relevant information about your experiences and the positions you’re interested in.

  • Share your career interests with recruiters. This indicates you’re open to new opportunities.


Know that we keep your decision to notify recruiters private. We won’t notify your employer, recruiters at your current company, or others in your network.

How can I control the information that LinkedIn has about me?

You can set your sharing preferences by going to account settings. You can review the settings in each category to better understand how LinkedIn uses your personal data and how you can control it.


Account Settings is organized into four categories: Account, Privacy, Advertising, and Communications:


  • Account settings control your sign-in credentials, site preferences, third-party integrations, and more.

  • Privacy settings change how LinkedIn uses your data—and how others, including recruiters, can collect and use information about you and your activity on LinkedIn.

  • Advertising settings control what information about you LinkedIn uses for advertising purposes.

  • Communications settings manage the frequency and type of communications you may receive from LinkedIn.

How do I close my LinkedIn account and delete all the data that LinkedIn has about me?

Although we’d be sad to see you go, you can always submit a request to close your LinkedIn profile. It takes about 30 days to fully remove your information from our systems. Learn more about closing your account.

How can I view the data LinkedIn has about me?

You can request a copy of your personal data by going to Account Settings. We’ll provide you the data in an easily readable format. Depending on what you’re requesting, it may take up to 24 hours. Find out the types of account data you can download.  

How can I control the ads that are presented to me?

You can control the information that LinkedIn uses to show you relevant ads by adjusting your ads settings. It may take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect. Please note that even if you opt out, you’ll still see ads from us and our advertising partners. The ads will just no longer be tailored to you.


We provide tailored ads by using data that you provide to us including your job title, general location, career interests, and industry, as well as data that we collect about your interactions on LinkedIn. This includes articles you’ve read as well as Influencers and companies you follow. In addition, we provide ads to members, visitors, and others on and off our services through a variety of ad networks and exchanges.


Learn more about managing your ad preferences.

How do I reduce the number of emails I receive from LinkedIn?

To stop receiving a specific email from LinkedIn, click Unsubscribe at the bottom of that email. To further manage the types and frequency of emails you receive from us, go to Email Frequency Settings.


Certain emails about the administration of your account or purchases you make on LinkedIn may be sent to you even if you opt out of all other email communications. For example, this can happen when we have a legal obligation to send a specific message, explain important information about your LinkedIn account, or respond to your requests.


Learn more about how to control emails you receive from LinkedIn.